Shopify Plus presents
Oct 3, 2019
New York City

Oct 3, 2019 Commerce+

Not your average conference. No sponsor sales pitch, no hidden agenda—just real talk.

Join 300 founders and executives from the fastest growing D2C and retail brands in the world to discuss scaling strategies, challenges, and the future of retail.

Through conversations, debates, and panels, you’ll hear relevant, inspiring content to set your business up for growth and build for the future.

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Photo of Jad Finck

Jad Finck

VP Innovation & Sustainability

Photo of Sunny Madra

Sunny Madra

Vice President

Photo of Dasha Faires

Dasha Faires

Head of Product Development

Photo of Nick Annacone

Nick Annacone


Photo of Tobi Lütke

Tobi Lütke


Photo of Jill Layfield

Jill Layfield

Co-founder and CEO

Photo of Noel Mack

Noel Mack

Chief Brand Officer

Photo of Noura Sakkijha

Noura Sakkijha

Co-founder & CEO

Photo of Hussein Suleiman

Hussein Suleiman


Photo of Krissie Millan

Krissie Millan


Photo of Annika Meller

Annika Meller


Photo of Ross Bailey

Ross Bailey

CEO & Founder

Photo of Adam J. Kurtz

Adam J. Kurtz

Author and Artist

Photo of Melissa Duren Conner

Melissa Duren Conner

Partner & Managing Director

Photo of Zack Werner

Zack Werner


Photo of Dana Davis

Dana Davis

VP Sustainability

Photo of Babba C. Rivera

Babba C. Rivera


Photo of Nate Brown

Nate Brown

Creative Director

Photo of Moj Mahdara

Moj Mahdara


Photo of Loren Padelford

Loren Padelford


Photo of Hilary Milnes

Hilary Milnes

Feature Editor



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The evolution of commerce

Gain insights from Shopify Plus into the new generation of DTC entrepreneurs. Not just breaking the rules of commerce, they’re also creating a new enterprise that values speed, innovation, and above all, customer relationships.


Loren Padelford, GM, Shopify Plus


Innovation at scale

Hear how Allbirds has embedded sustainability as a value internally and externally from day one, and scaled to a billion-dollar business in 4 years. Executives from Ford X and Mara Hoffman then tackle the conversation around the importance of pushing product invention, prioritizing experimentation and disrupting tradition within their industries.


  • Jad Finck, VP of Innovation & Sustainability, Allbirds
  • Dana Davis, VP of Sustainability, Product & Business Strategy, Mara Hoffman
  • Sunny Madra, VP, Ford X


The evolution of media

From media brand to experiential commerce, get a behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of Man Repeller. Learn how they built a strong community online and offline, and took risks to evolve as a brand and business.


Dasha Faires, Head of Product Development, Man Repeller


The subtle art of storytelling

In an ever-crowded and hyped DTC landscape, how you position your brand, products, and company narrative are instrumental in capturing consumer and media attention. It’s also something that can and should evolve over time. Here’s how.


Melissa Duren Conner, Partner & Managing Director, JBC


The business of hype and unexpected experiences

The creative director behind some of Beyoncé and Kanye West’s most memorable multi-sensory experiences sits down to talk about hype and unexpected experiences. Joining him is KITH, one of the world’s most-talked-about multi-functional lifestyle brands, and Babba Rivera, the marketer behind Away and Uber.


  • Babba Rivera, Founder & CEO, By Babba
  • Nate Brown, Creative Director, Institute
  • Nick Annacone, Chief Operating Officer, KITH


Lunch and networking


Lost in translation

The correct use of good technology is now one of the largest drivers of value in any company, but communicating this value to non-technical leaders and boards can be challenging. Learn how to contextualize and quantify the value that even simple ecommerce tactics create for investors and shareholders, in a language that they understand.


Zack Werner, Founder & CEO, The Maze Group


The road to retail

Get an exclusive look at European streetwear brand Daily Paper’s retail launch in the U.S. Daily Paper founder and the creative mind behind Appear Here, who has produced some of the most hyped retail experiences, discuss the road to retail.


  • Hussein Suleiman, Founder & CEO, Daily Paper
  • Ross Bailey, Founder & CEO, Appear Here


Next generation of luxury

Hear from the brands who are closing the gap between luxury goods and affordable fashion to connect with their customers in new ways.


  • Hilary Milnes, Feature Editor, Vogue Business
  • Annika Meller, Co-founder & COO, Anine Bing
  • Noura Sakkijha, Co-founder & CEO, Mejuri
  • Jill Layfield, Co-founder & CEO, Tamara Mellon




Perfect Isn’t Better

One of the toughest challenges is just doing our work. In this fast-paced and vulnerable presentation, artist and author Adam J. Kurtz encourages us not to embrace failure so much as understand that perfection isn’t the only road to success.


Adam J. Kurtz


Beyond brand

Brand beyond a buzzword. Hear from brands on their biggest wins and challenges when experimenting with marketing channels and tactics.


  • Hana Abaza, Director of Marketing, Shopify Plus
  • Noel Mack, Chief Brand Officer, Gymshark
  • Krissie Millan, Chief Marketing Officer, Flow Hydration


Behind a billion-dollar business

Shopify has built a billion-dollar platform that empowers CEOs like Moj from Beautycon to transform entire industries. Hear the behind-the-scenes leadership challenges of two CEOs that are transforming their respective spaces.


  • Tobi Lütke, Founder & CEO, Shopify
  • Moj Mahdara, Founder & CEO, BeautyCon Media


Cocktail reception


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