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Gen Z consumers: Influencing and connecting with the next wave

Find out how to diversify channels and capture new audiences through storytelling and social selling from Pharrell, Gym+Coffee, Mented Cosmetics, and Lounge Underwear. And learn how to build your brand identity online through Online Store 2.0, Custom Storefronts, and TikTok Shopping.

Next normal: Selling across the globe

Find out how to stand out in crowded industries from top founders and creatives like Bala, Bombas, Dose + Co, Peak Design, and Seed. And learn how to take advantage of huge growth opportunities with Shopify Markets and B2B.

Bold growth: Going beyond what’s possible

Find out how to turn a passion into a brand from Jimmy Butler, who just launched BIGFACE, and how to expand product lines during explosive growth from Ooni. And learn how to harness customer data to create rich, engaging shopping experiences with the newest Shopify features like ShopifyQL Notebooks and the all-new Shopify Flow.

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